Cheryl Leong is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in occupied Ohlone territory  (San Francisco, Bay Area).  

My work is currently focused on neuro-affirming Adult ADHD and co-occuring disorders like PTSD, substance use, OCD, depression. You can expect a strength focused, empowering, down to earth and depth oriented approach from me. I offer both ADHD, mindset shifts and skills coaching that are specific to your life as well as an exploration of your unconscious life or childhood themes. 

My framework is what would be considered "integrative" in that I use a variety of different theory and evidence based techniques to best serve my clients. Some approaches I have been trained in are Transactional Analysis, Jungian Expressive Arts, Cognitive-Behavioral Mindfulness,  Systemic/Family Therapy, Relational Therapy and The Gottman Method.

I am committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and work from a pro-liberation, social-justice oriented  framework.