I work with adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD, are self-diagnosed, or are thinking of getting an assessment. Having an ADHD brain can be both a gift as well as a challenge. Challenges at work, in relationships, or at school can include difficulty staying on the desired task and completing it, time management, obsessive or hyper-focused behaviors, and disappointing others and oneself. Over time, it can take a toll on self-esteem, and these negative beliefs about oneself and the world can be very hard. However, ADHD genetics also come with beautiful gifts that need nourishment.

I take a positive approach to having an ADHD diagnosis. I work by supporting you to discover your brain and how to optimize it through changes in lifestyle, behavior and attitude. Part of utilizing your strengths is letting go of neurotypical standards and picking up new skills, like time management, that is specific to the ADHD brain and personality.

I'm proudly diagnosed myself. Reach out to me if you are ready to understand your brain, discover and build skills, bring awareness to your relationships, and cultivate a positive view of yourself and the world. I am committed to racial justice, cultural humility, lgbtqia+ affirmation, and offering a safe space for immigrants of color.